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Planning Grant for Creating Woodlands

Mar 17th, 2014


We are continuing with the Planning Grant to help promote woodland planting.
The aim of this grant is to ensure that woodland creation proposals are based on good
knowledge of the sensitivities and local issues and that these can be well integrated
with other land objectives so as to secure multiple benefits.
The Planning Grant is now available for all Woodland Creation options that meet the
RP option specific eligibility criteria, and will remain available until 31 December 2014
at which point we will assess uptake.


The Planning Grant is a contribution to the costs of carrying out special assessments
to help prepare sensitive and well balanced planting proposals.

The Grant contributes to the costs of:

Collecting and analysing site information – this includes soil survey, ecological
site classification assessment, windiness assessments (DAMS score), ecological
and habitat and bird surveys.
Appraisal and analysis of the landscape – both the site and its local environs, all
to inform the development of an appropriate woodland design – this is
particularly important in sensitive/prominent landscapes, where the planned
scale or woodland type could potentially have significant landscape and visual
Historic environment and cultural landscape assessment – to research and
assess the significance of any historic environment features and ensure that
their protection and management are taken into account at an early stage of
the proposal.
Determining Stakeholder Interests – to engage and involve local interest in
formulating proposals.
Rate of Support

£100/ha with a maximum payment of £20,000. 50% is payable at approval of
assessment report and the remaining 50%, once the planting is complete and the
claim for the capital item ‘Initial Planting’ is authorized for payment.

Who Can Apply

A landowner or tenant who has agreed, with their local Conservancy, that an
assessment report is required.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications must meet the following criteria:

• Associated with an eligible SRDP Woodland Creation RP application at the
‘proposal submit’ stage.
• The overall proposal totals 30 hectares or more.
• Woodland proposals must meet the eligibility criteria of the respective option(s)
• Woodland proposal must be on sites recognised within the local Woodland
Strategy as ‘Preferred’ or ‘Potential’ (or the Strategy equivalent for your local

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