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About Mark Seed Land & Forest Management

Mark SeedMark Seed Land and Forest Management is a family business built upon a passion for all aspects of woodland and country pursuits.  My passion has grown from a lifetime of living in beautiful rural settings in South West Scotland surrounded by woodland. My experience is rooted in a broad understanding of land management growing up and working on a  family farm  and later consolidated  within the world of commercial forestry management. I have a genuine empathy and understanding of the woods and management of the countryside.

I decided to create my own business in order to focus my energies and expertise on those woodland projects that are more specialised and diverse in nature.  My most successful projects are  often unique woodlands which  offer numerous opportunities for expansion or creative potential previously unseen by the owners. My approach is to bring ‘vision’, ambition and specialist knowledge to every project I undertake.

Mark Seed Forest and Land Management offers a personalised service from our small but dedicated team of staff. Specialist forestry management skills together with over 12 years of forestry management experience are targeted to the requirements of the owner enabling creativity and development of woodland  as well  as realising the potential of woods by releasing financial equity – now and in the years to come.

My objectives: