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At Mark Seed Forest and Land Management Ltd, we aim to deliver the very best service on behalf of our clients by ensuring their timber asset can be realized to its maximum value.

We can organise felling licenses, seek infra-structure improvements, and manage onsite wildlife issues such as Badgers, source harvesting companies on behalf of the client offering: reliability, price competitiveness, with limited disruption to the environment and other activities such as farming and visitor attractions.

From large scale mechanized harvesting of upland forest – timber dispatched by road, rail and sea, to chainsaw cut timber to roadside using mini forwarder or horse extraction on sensitive sites with back up tree surgery if required.

We can through the Forest Stewardship Council® Licence Code (FSC-C114375) Scheme achieve the best prices possible, knowing that the wood is certified which can increase the timber value and saleability.

We sell timber in various ways, standing sales, price per tonne (outturn), direct timber sales to timber users – sawmills, biomass, board mills and private purchasers.

Contractual independence allows MSFLM the opportunity to market client’s timber to the maximum advantage through a wide range of harvesting and marketing options, designed to suit all individual circumstances.

The North of England & Scotland’s forests are amongst most productive in the UK. They make a significant contribution to these regions economy through jobs in the wood processing industry, forest management, and wood haulage and associated industries.

Income generated from the sale of timber is exempt from both income and corporation tax.  No income tax is payable on income generated from a timber crop or on the sale of an entire plantation.

Biomass is now becoming an important added value and planning its usage can also reduce restocking costs. Biomass can arise from differing potentials on any property or existing woods.

Possible sources:

MSFLM has timber parcels and wood available constantly and particulars of sale or details can be sent out on request.